With the Help of Good People, Good Things Happen

Our newest resident, John B. spoke about what it is like to live at Bethany Hill Place:

To try and describe Bethany Hill Place is a bit like describing the definition of all things utterly amazing. We got the letter saying we were in the top three for an opening and to call ASAP.  Even though the letter said there was no guarantee of placement, we called. We were asked to come in a few days later to learn more.  When we drove up the driveway for the first time, I felt a warm, welcoming feeling that a nice place gives off.

Thank you, Bill, You Taught Us Well!

I was recently reminded of how the Bethany Hill Place community shows its commitment to mercy, compassion and self-sacrifice after we came together to mourn the passing of a longtime resident, dear friend and neighbor William ‘Bill’ Blake.   Bill lived at Bethany Hill Place for over two decades.  He and his late partner, Kathleen, blended their families, raising children together and instilling in them the values so prominent in this community – love, kindness, respect and interdependence.   With great pride and love Bill watched all of his children grow into adulthood, establishing careers

Renowned Philanthropist Doris Buffett Visits FSU to Hear From Non-Profit Giving Students

(a re-post from the FSU Blog)

When Billionaire investor Warren Buffett looks to donate his money to benefit society, he counts on the guidance of his older sister, Doris, to ensure that his dollars are being put to good use.

One of the many ways that Doris Buffett has chosen to invest the $100 million she has given away over the past 20 years is by training the next generation of responsible philanthropists through the Learning by Giving Foundation.

Meet Abbe Cullen!

The CSJ value of caring for the earth is ‘deeply planted’ at Bethany Hill Place, where gardening is a much loved pastime, a therapeutic effort, a means to providing affordable healthy food, and a metaphor for our growth as individuals and as a community. I chatted with Abbe Cullen, Bethany Hill Place’s new Assistant Program Director.  One of Abbe’s interesting personal attributes that came up during her interview is that she is a master gardener!

TA:   How and why did you become a master gardener?

College Connection

At Bethany Hill we believe education is the mightiest tool in building self-sufficiency.  This year we have taken a special interest in making this clear to our high school aged young adults who are headed towards one of the loftiest educational events of their lives: entering college.  This new group, called “College Connection,” takes these students to many different types of colleges: large, small, private, public, urban, suburban, etc.  It is our hope that when our high school students apply for college they will be fully ready to choose the college that is right for them, feel confiden

A Walk in the Park

Bethany Hill School residents and staff were recently treated to a walking tour of Framingham’s Cushing Memorial Park.  The park sits on 57 acres of land used for passive recreation – a place to observe and enjoy nature with minimal impact on the environment.   Our guides were Bethany Hill residents Alan and Tom.   Tom described the park’s previous use as a World War II Army Hospital.  At the height of its use the hospital had the capacity to care for 1,800 patients, with over 50 buildings, including a chapel, barbershop, tennis courts, and movie theatre, and its own train stop to create a