Ready for Takeoff


Community.  What is it? How is it defined? Who defines it? What does it mean to you? A community doesn’t have to be people living together or even about the residential aspect.  There’s the theatre community, the religious community, the literary community.  Naturally, there is the traditional aspect and definition of community, but does this broad stroke apply to Bethany Hill?  We’re many communities at Bethany Hill for a number of reasons, each as different as we are and coming come up with our own definitions. 

         As for myself, the Bethany Hill community is more than just a place to live.  It’s been a place of tranquility, peace, and healing for me.  When I got out from the car one afternoon recently, I took a moment to look around.  First, I noticed the chairs and bench set out to the right of the stairs that invited conversation, reading and, oh well yes, even texting!  The next thing I was greeted by was the music of the chirping birds and the relaxation felt from the inner silence they both allowed.  On this beautiful 82 degree day, I was surrounded by the peace I had needed for so very long.

         My journey at Bethany has been, shall we say, a convoluted one.  I will use airplane metaphors to describe experiences since they’re easy to imagine and there’s no over-thinking involved.

         Due to a series of bad choices and just plain bad luck, my battered plane slid down the runway, sparks flying and everything else that should have come off  did much sooner.  I survived, but initially wished I hadn’t, for I knew the road ahead was going to be a nightmare. I was right.  Fast forward from 2006-2017.  I’m, here, married to the most wonderful woman in the world and while things still haven’t been easy, they are manageable, in large part due to Bethany. 

         There is such a feeling of optimism coming both from the staff and the residents.  The other day, a few of us had an informal hour-long “Name that Tune” in the hallway.  It’s the small things that make life fun.  Big goals are necessary, but reaching them takes more time.  Bethany Hill is a godsend and allows for both of these.

         Although the plane may have appeared totaled at first, we found some valuable clues to the contrary once the fog cleared. It’s about the people in this community, it's about respect, and it's about people caring for each other, both staff and residents.  Bethany Hill is an oasis to which one can retreat, gather themselves and even heal.  This community has helped me to be ready to face another takeoff, and know the runway on return will be welcoming and lead to a terminal of tranquility.

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