Honoring long-serving Board members


Every May, at the final Board meeting of the fiscal year, the Bethany Hill Place Board of Trustees pauses to recognize the contributions of its retiring members and honor their commitment and service to our unique mission.  This year, on May 16th, we celebrated six truly exceptional individuals.

Heartfelt appreciation was extended to founding Board member Peggy Comfrey, CSJ, past Board Chair and CSM Director Representative Donna GalloJoan Patricia Lonergan, CSJ, Board Chair Marianne McLaughlin, Cristina Squeff, and Mary Rita Weschler for an extraordinary 51 years of combined service

Together, these six dedicated women steered us through many transitions, tough budget times, a name change, and tackling some daunting capital needs.  Individually, they brought a wealth of family, friend and work connections, shared their considerable professional expertise with Bethany Hill Place residents and staff, entered spin-a-thons, staffed a bookfair, and built a Gala to raise the funds needed to keep our program and our residents' dreams alive year after year.

Board Chair Marianne McLaughlin had personal words of gratitude for each honoree, and when she finished lauding her colleagues, she in turn was recognized by incoming Chair Tiffany O'Connell with spontaneous applause breaking out from the entire Board.  A wall plaque commemorating their service and a beautiful swarovski pin were given to each member.   Bouquets of fresh flowers were also presented to Marianne in her role as Chair, for her sterling example of steadfast vision, leadership and generosity in times of significant change, and to Donna Gallo, past Chair of the Bethany Hill Place Board and our Representative from the CSM Board, who has steered and nurtured the organization from both roles for an incredible 15 years.   Brenda Forry, CSJ, who has served as a trustee and as a trustee representing the CSJ Leadership Team, was recognized for her 9 years of service and was also honored with a swarovski pin. 

The meeting drew to a close but the celebration continued over food and drink at Jack's Abby in downtown Framingham.   While their official roles governing the organization are winding down, the love and support these women have offered Bethany Hill Place has widened our circle considerably, and their commitment continues to inspire us to move confidently forward with our mission.  The evening ended with hugs and promises to 'see you at the Cookout.'   The strength of the Bethany Hill Place Board lies in the selfless commitment and heartfelt devotion of its members, past and present.

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