With the Help of Good People, Good Things Happen


Our newest resident, John B. spoke about what it is like to live at Bethany Hill Place:

To try and describe Bethany Hill Place is a bit like describing the definition of all things utterly amazing. We got the letter saying we were in the top three for an opening and to call ASAP.  Even though the letter said there was no guarantee of placement, we called. We were asked to come in a few days later to learn more.  When we drove up the driveway for the first time, I felt a warm, welcoming feeling that a nice place gives off.

We were treated like royalty and taken to look at an apartment.  Well, a little over a month later, here we are official members of the community, and couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing how friendly and accommodating everyone is.

Having lived in Florida and experiencing how nice, open and friendly people were, I couldn’t help by comparing Bethany Hill to Florida.  How Bethany has been able to accomplish the feeling of warmth and community in the normally sterile, cold Northeast; where one could live for years in an apartment building and never even speak to each other.   I was commenting to a woman while we were waiting for the elevator about how friendly everyone is, and something I’m still getting used to.  

To feel safe, comfortable and respected here is going to, and has, changed people’s lives in an extraordinary way! Not quite sure how it all happens, but so thankful Bethany Hill Place can accomplish this mission.

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