Book Review: Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier

This Book review was written by Bethany Hill Place resident Jenny P., one of our young readers!
Ghosts, is about a girl who moved to California because her sister had a problem with breathing while living in Mexico. After they moved there, she found that there is lots of fog and an ocean next to her house.  She was sad at first because she missed all her friends.  None of her friends could visit her because she's too far away.  One day she met a boy who said he played around with ghosts, but she didn't believe him at first. 
Then her sister was attacked by ghosts who tried to take her breathe away, which was easy because of her breathing problem.  The next day her sister ended up in the hospital but she was blamed.  Her sister was ok, and they both started believing that there were ghosts in the fog and at Halloween time.  On Halloween night they locked their doors because they were afraid that the sister might get hurt again.  At the end of the story there's a mystery surprise.  I recommend this book because it's caring, sometimes sad, and mostly funny.

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